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If you are going to spend thousands of pounds on a new garage, workshop or garden building - Then it makes sense to lay a good concrete base. The building is only as good as the foundations!

  • Make sure the base is flat, square and level in all directions
  • Construct the base 152mm bigger than your building - 6" longer and 6" wider
  • Ensure that the finished base stands proud of the surrounding ground to prevent water running onto the base and causing water ingress into your building
  • Consider soil type and adjust materials accordingly. Look out for tree roots and soil pipes in the proposed area
  • We always reccommend a DPM to help reduce condesation and damp. Visqueen 1200 or equivalent should be used.
  • Steel mesh or Fibre mesh additive are worth while additions to the construction to improve the tensile strength
  • Remember when constructing the base to take into consideration the roofline. The roof sheets and guttering overhang the walls and so are in addition to the external dimensions of the building. This is vital to consider when you are erecting your building near to a boundary.

EGL Direct
We can (in certain designated areas of the country) provide a full groundwork service. Contact us to find out if we can lay a base in your area.
The standard specification concrete base would include;
  • 100mm hardcore
  • DPM 1200 Gauge Visqueen
  • Steel Mesh A142
  • 100mm concrete

Will you need approval?
You will need building control approval if your building is over 30 sq metres in size. Planning Permission is more complicated and can vary by council. Be aware of the requirements of Areas of Outstanding Beauty and Conservation areas, and that existing extensions will be taken into account on application. You may need local authority approval to build a new garage even if you are replacing an old one. Your local planning office will be only too happy to help. Compton can provide FreePlans showing details of our standard buildings, including a recommended base detail. It is always safer to check out the need for Planning and Building regulation approval before you order your new building as the responsibility for compliance with the regulations rests with you.