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Why buy a log cabin?

  • Provide extra space
  • Cheaper than an extension or conservatory
  • Ideal environment for working from home or just relaxing
  • Improve your outdoor living space
  • Log structures are more solid and warm
  • Environmentallly friendly - sourced from managed forests with replanting schemes

    What is the order process?

    Contact us direct with your requirements, we will confirm the price and take a 25% deposit to secure your order. When we receive your order we will then send out a confirmation letter detailing your order and asking you to check it for mistakes. You will also receive plans, a delivery form and an invoice for the balance. We will contact you separately regarding a delivery date. You will need to fill in the delivery form and send it back to us along with the balance due in the envelope provided. Cash, cheque or debit card are our preferred method of payment for the balance. Your payment and the delivery form should reach us at least 1 week before the delivery date. We will keep in communication with you every step, should this process be different in your case.

    What are the delivery times?

    Delivery times do vary throughout the year. As a guide, expect 5 weeks - but please contact us for an up to date estimate.

    Are there any delivery charges?

    There is a delivery charge to some areas of the UK, this is simply to cover the extra cost of fuel

    £100.00 - Central, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Fife, Grampian, Highland, Somerset, N. Strathclyde, Tayside

    Non-mainland - please contact us to enquire


    What happens on delivery?

    Our log cabins are delivered using a 4x4 and trailer. The cabin is loaded by hand so we can check it over and make sure all the parts are there and are in good condition. The cabin will be offloaded by hand. We will usually carry the parts to your base area if the access is good and its not too far away. If the cabin is for self-build it is best not to have it delivered until you area ready to start building it as the parts should not be stored outside.

    What if EGL DIRECT has arranged installation of the building it for me?

    We will start building as soon as the building has been unloaded. We have all our own tools but it is an advantage if we are able to access electricity - we have an extension cable. You do not need to be home whilst your log cabin is being built although it can help if you or someone on your behalf are there for a short time while we start so we can check details such as where the cabin should be positioned on your base etc.

    What base do I need?

    Your base must be flat, level and solid. The best materials to use are concrete paving flags or a full concrete slab. It is possible to use other things but please check with us or your agent first. Base plans are available for each log cabin.

    What tools are required?

    You will need at least a sprit level, tape measure, hammer, rubber mallet (so you dont mark the wood), electric screwdriver/drill, saw, stanley knife.

    What access do you need?

    We will need to know some details about access for delivery and/or building on the delivery sheet that we send out. Most problems can be solved but we do need to know about them in advance.

    Do the cabins need treating?

    Your log cabin will need to be treated as soon as possible after construction with a good quality, spirit based wood preservative such as Cuprinol Trade or Sikkens Novatech which are available to buy on our accessories page. Quantities required will vary per cabin and treatment type. It is best to follow the manufacturers guidelines on application, number of coats, re-treatment etc. Ensure you treat all external bare wood particularly at the joints. You can treat the inside too if you like.

    Can I build it myself?

    Any able bodied person with a general knowledge of DIY should be able to build their own log cabin. We can provide a general set of instructions and a numbered plan and of course we are always available on the phone for advice. You will need at least 2 people to build the cabin and you should make sure you are using tools, ladders etc safely.


    Wood is a natural product and will be subject to movement and weathering as it seasons. It is not uncommon for it to have knots and small splits (called shakes). This is nature at work and will not be considered a fault. We check the cabin over before delivery to make sure there are no missing or damaged parts. Your statutory rights are not affected.

    What might happen to the wood then?

    Wood is a natural product and will be subject to movement and weathering as it seasons. During the first few weeks after construction the logs will settle. This can cause the windows and doors to become out of shape and/or stiff to open, gaps may appear above the frames. All of these things can be sorted out with small adjustments. Through the seasons the wood will expand and contract due to moisture content, again this can cause the doors and windows to become a little stiff. It is not uncommon for wood to have knots and for small splits to occur (called shakes). You can seal the knots with a sealant if you prefer. This is all nature at work and should not be considered a fault.

    Do I need planning permission?

    It is always best to check with your local planning authority to see if you need planning permission as the rules can vary depending from area to area especially if you live in a conservation area, national park etc. You should be able to find their contact details through your local council website or in the yellow pages. It is your responsibility to make sure you have met any necessary requirements.

    What hardware is provided with the log cabin?

    All door and window handles, locks, catches and hinges are supplied as standard. The cabin walls do not require fixing together but you will need nails/screws to fix the roof, floor and trims and bolts for the weather bars. Some people prefer nails and some prefer screws so we leave it to you to buy whichever you would prefer. You will not require anything that you cannot buy from any good hardware store but please use galvanised products so they do not rust.